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Thanks to Tex Sr, and my Lady-Bug, i am blessed to have been able to create a career in equine science.

~ J Amelita Facchiano, WRS boarder for > 45 years 

American Association of Equine Practitioners,

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Vaccination Guide

Emergency / Disaster Preparedness

Equine Dentistry Changes

Glossary of Terms and much more

Traveling with your horse to a show, event or trail ride?

Here is the latest intra / interstate movement requirements for horses.

In addition to a health certificate, you may need a negative Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) test (Goggins) and a negative Equine Piroplasmosis (EP) test. This foreign animal disease is being considered as a standard for movement just as we have known EIA. 

For more info on EP and what it may mean to you, click here:

Emergency Planning WorkBook

equine emergency.pdf (PDF — 322 KB)

Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA)

USDA / APHIS / VS released its new horse owner educational video: " EIA - Refining Our Approach"

This was filmed in part @ White Rock Stables and features Amelita Facchiano, Allie Brewer, Bob Dettman and six (6) plus White Rock horses. View the narrated video @

TheHorse magazine carried the press release under AAEP News:

EIA April 2011.pdf (PDF — 573 KB)

Your guide to Equine Health Care

EQUUS Magazine:

Your Horses Vital Signs:

Hoof Care and Lameness:

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