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Horse Whisperer

Tex Oddson,

Lake Highlands Legend

July 2016

Lake Highlands Advocate:


Filmed At White Rock Stables - October 2014

Click on link below, then go to Play List and click on Emily - filmed @ WRS - she grinned from ear to ear!

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital Launches First Brand Campaign in 93-Year History

“Moments” Tells Stories of Real Hospital PatientsDALLAS (Oct. 6, 2014) – Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (TSRHC), one of the nation’s leading pediatric centers for the treatment of orthopedic conditions, today launches its first-ever brand campaign spotlighting real hospital patients. Titled “Moments,” the new multimedia campaign takes the brand in a fresh strategic direction and includes regional television spots created by Dallas independentThe Richards Group.In addition to TV, the campaign encompasses radio, out-of-home, digital and print advertising.


Cowgirl and Her Horse

This picture was taken last night of my horse and me on Boy Scout Hill, randomly by an amateur photographer, Shelby Strodel, with her iPhone. I do not think this was by accident. 

Upon further examination and the mind-blowing response these images have gotten to those I sent them to (friends and family), I realized today, these pictures carry a powerful message and symbolism about preserving “Boy Scout Hill” from becoming a restaurant (for goodness sake). 

Here is a story I hope is told about the spiritual and cultural history of the hill. This picture could have been a snap shot in time when the early settlers were making their home here. Compelling indeed.

Please take special note of the striking vision of an angel of God in it (you can literally see the angel̓s head, wings and dress), or the cross. Unbelievable.

Even God wants to put in a word about the importance of our history and culture. A restaurant, I think not. It is as close to a sign not to do it, as it gets. This land was given to us by God; this land is your land, this land is my land; this land was made for you and me. Not a bar or restaurant on such a spiritual place. 

After all, Boy Scout Hill is full of spiritual meaning and reflection from our past; that̓s why everyone is drawn there where their dreams of what it is like not to be surrounding by civilization lives on, like the cowgirl and the horse. A horse that is an American Paint (named Baby Skye); the colored horses the Indian royalty preferred to ride; and a color of many a wild mustang. Please help save Boy Scout Hill.



Unique hand-made horse hair jewelry

Honor your equine friend with a hand-made custom memorial bracelet. or own a unique, wearable piece of art. 

We know you will find a design that speaks to you.

Historical Articles

25 Things We Love About Our Neighborhood

Advocate June 2007.pdf (PDF — 419 KB)

A Little Bit Country~

Horse Stables have all but disappeared in Dallas; except for the ones in our neighborhood ...

Advocate Sept 2006.pdf (PDF — 2 MB)

Tex Oddson Sr obit 1994 -

Lake Highlands Today - October 1987

White Rock Stables Historical docs, pre 1980:

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